Dear Friends!
To all who is interesting in alternative energy researches! I want to publish a lot of my Testatika experiments results, many rare high resolution pictures of different Testatika machines, explaining common mistakes that I and other Testatika builders did. My Testatika replication's high voltage part is almost ready and some successful experiments done. But for last 2 years I cannot do anything for continue building the machine for the trivial reason - absence of money.
If you care not only about your ego too, but care about green technologies, alternative sources of energy and the ecology and you are ready to spend some money for that, please donate any amount for supporting me in my researches.
With your support we can make a dream real! My motto is "Anything you can imagine, you can create!"
All I need is the ability to do science. I believe the Methernitha's Testatika machine was real. And I'll do as much as possible to prove it! Thank you!
20th January 2011.

P.S. Thanks for total 20.5 EUR donation at June 16 2011. I have really a lot information about Testatika and I want to share it.

Soon i'll post my testatika experiments.
3kW Testatika sectors

My Testatika replica in rotation
My Testatika sectors in rotation

My Testatika replica 55cm in begin of 2007. looks like 3 rows grids, but is 2
Testatika replica 55cm

testatika 3kW machine replica left side view

testatika rotation center view

testatika generator rotation slowing down

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